Melbourne – My Time Is Up

And so it is almost time to go.

I’ve been in Melbourne since Monday afternoon and already it’s Thursday evening.

The drive from Halls Gap to Melbourne was quite straight-forward, after driving through more tree-lined roads for about an hour it all turned into familiar dual-carriageway all the way passed Ballarat and onto Melbourne. I only stopped for the toilet food & fuel.

Once I got to Melbourne (over 3 hours) I then had to drive into the city to my hostel.

All I can say is thank God the Sat-Nav worked, I would not have had a clue how to get to the hostel otherwise.

So once I had reached the hostel (Melbourne Metro YHA) and after I got my stuff into my room I began to realise how much Melbourne had changed since I was last here (December 2006).

There has been a BIG building boom here, I barely recognised the hostel, all but 1 of the surrounding  buildings has been redeveloped into apartments.

Still I settled in knowing I had to return my hire-car the next day.

Returning my hire-car was’t difficult, the Sat-Nav worked perfectly as it has done so throughout my trip. Once I had returned the car I then had to make my way back to the hostel.

I bought a round-trip SkyBus ticket so in one foul swoop I had sorted my transportation to the airport on Friday as well as getting back into the city that day.

So once I was back in the city I had a good long walk around managing to get lost twice before finally reaching the hostel.

On Wednesday I walked down to the Queen Victoria Market which is less than a 10 minute walk from the hostel. I found it to be very empty, in fact the market does’t run every day. The only day I could go now was Thursday!

So I walked into the centre of the city hunting for things to bring back to Blighty (bought some t-shirts & a couple of items requested by work mates).

Later that night I went up to the roof garden (they didn’t have that the last time I was here!) and took some long exposure photos but only a few came out well.


So Thursday – finally got to walk around Queen Victoria Market, it is huge, takes up more floor space than TESCO’s @ Holmebush in Shoreham. I confess I did buy a few more t-shirts but still have enough cash for my long wait at the airport tomorrow. They have all sorts of things though I did notice there were more than a few stalls selling exactly the same things – mostly t-shirts, leather jackets & handbags. There were also lots of fruit & veg stalls and the usual tourist trinkets.

Alas it was soon the afternoon & time for lunch before my return to the hostel. I spent the rest of the afternoon packing up my stuff so I would be in no rush come check-out time tomorrow (Friday

All in all I would say my trip has been a very pleasant one apart from the head-cold which surprisingly has now gone (just a little cough every now and then).

I’ve really enjoyed my time out here in Australia & will begin planning my return trip, though next time I think I’l go to a different state. 3 weeks just isn’t enough time, Australia is so vast you could spend a year & still have places to go.

Oh well this is me signing off, next stop home…


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