McKenzie Falls

Well yesterday was a very different day, no beach, harbour or clifftop views to shoot.

Instead I took to one of the local hiking trails and oh I am feeling the effects now.

McKenzie Falls is the only waterfall (that I know of) in Victoria that flows all year round. It’s surrounded by trees & wildlife such as Koala’s, Wallabies & Kangaroo’s though all I managed to see was a very timid Wallaby.

While walking through the trees on the trail to the falls I noticed tree after tree with fire damage.


I later learned that wildfires had torn through the area a few years earlier leaving many of the trees that survived blackened & half burnt.

After a while the trail leads to steps which take you down to the bottom of the falls.


Don’t let the photo above fool you, things get a lot steeper the further down you get. By about half way my knees started to wobble from the constant pressure so I had a little rest on one of the many benches that litter the route down.

As I got closer and closer to the bottom the view got better and better.


And this (above) isn’t even the main falls.

The nearer I got to the main falls the louder the noise & the smaller the width of the steps became.

It was all worth it though.



Quite spectacular.

I carried on walking down river a little longer but decided if I didn’t make the ascent soon I was going to regret it later (which I did anyway).

All in all a good day out & less than an hour way from my hostel.

Well just Melbourne left now (Monday till I leave for home on Friday), about a 3 hour drive from Halls Gap.

Below are the photos I developed from McKenzie Falls, enjoy.


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