Port Fairy To Halls Gap

Ok folks the Great Ocean Road is now behind me all thats left now is Halls Gap in the Grampians & then the metropolis that is Melbourne.

The first half of the drive was actually quite boring, just field after field of farms, mostly Cows or Sheep. It wasn’t until I reached Hamilton that this began to look more interesting.

Hamilton is quite a small town at bit like one of those small American towns you see on the TV.

I found this when I stopped for lunch there.

Petrol Station-2

After eating I moved on. The road quickly turned more twisty & more up hill, unfortunately there weren’t that many places to stop so I didn’t get many photos, in fact I only managed to stop by the roadside once taking this photo.


After admiring the view I continued until I noticed a lake which turned out to be a resoviour. So I stopped & took a few photos (and use the facilities).


I then carried on to Halls Gap arriving several hours before I could check-in the YHA Hostel so had a power nap in my hire car.

Below are all the photos I processed today, not many but there will be plenty tomorrow as I have a good days hiking planned.



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