Port Fairy

And so my drive along the Great Ocean Road comes to an end at Port Fairy Victoria.

There couldn’t be more of a contrast between Apollo Bay & Port Fairy, it’s like comparing London to Shoreham – very different places.

So yesterday & today I explored the small harbour area and nature reserve that is right on my door step here, and for both days the sun has shone nice & bright for the most part though it is still quite cold in the shade.

So on Wednesday after walking down to the harbour, walking back to my hostel (I forgot to put any memory cards in my camera) and then walking back to the harbour I began looking for the local celeb visa-vi the lazy Seal that calls Port Fairy harbour it’s home. Alas he was nowhere to be found despite my best efforts so I began my exploration by walking the harbour wall.

After a short time & several photos & video clips later I was lining up a photo of a bird on a post in the water (trying to catch the reflection as well) when I heard a splashing noise from behind me. I turned around and to my astonishment there was a Stingray swimming at the surface right next to the bank, not what I was expecting at all a very pleasant surprise none the less. I tried to get a few shots & video (didn’t nail the focus on the video though), see below.


Video Link (Have to upgrade to enable video on here so click the link so see it on YouTube)

After watching the Stingray I continued my walk along the harbour wall, had a chat with a local bird watcher & saw the Stingray again but this time it was too deep & far away to get any kind of photo.

Having reached the end of the harbour wall I could see the lighthouse in the nature reserve so I decided to walk the nature reserve as well.


It was quite a pleasant walk with some good spots to stop & photograph, by the time I had finished it had been more than 4 hours & my feet were starting to tell me to stop as well as my stomach which was telling me to eat.

And so with that I retired back to my hostel.

On Thursday I walked the other side of the harbour again keeping an eye out for the seal but yet again no luck. I did however visit the remnants of the local fort which had several canons on show.


After visiting the fort I continued my walk along the harbour wall, to be honest there wasn’t much there to photograph apart from this guy below who was making repairs to the walkway.


I eventually walked back the way I had come & noticed some cool reflections in the water of the boats parked up in harbour.


And some guys cleaning a boat in dry-dock.


Today (Thursday) is my last day on the coast, tomorrow I move on to the Halls Gap YHA in the Grampians National Park. Looking forward to some good hiking with waterfalls lakes & trees (hopefully no spiders & snakes or crocks).

Heres all the photos I have developed from Wednesday & Thursday, enjoy.


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