Cape Otway & The 12 Apostles

Well I left Apollo Bay behind setting off for Port Fairy via Cape Otway (Light-station) & the 12 Apostles (with a refuel & food stop just for good measure).

I had plenty of time (7 hours) as the drive with no stops should take just under 3 hours but check-in at the hostel in Port Fairy wasn’t until 5pm.

So off on the Great Ocean Road I went again, the traffic was light which like the drive down to Apollo Bay from Torquay surprised me. There was a series of showers as I entered the Great Otway National Park (which is a rain forest – yes they do have those in Australia). I turned off the Great Ocean Road south to Cape Otway, the road was bumpy to say the least but the forest was fantastic. Tall trees that had stood before I was born mixed with dead white-out lifeless trees of past gone by leading the way to Cape Otway Light-station (Lighthouse).


Having negotiated not 1 but 2 Cattle Grills (both after the photos above) I reached Cape Otway Light-station.

I have to say I was a little disappointed, it all seemed very sanitised, maybe it was because of the time of year? The highlight for me was getting to walk around & climb to the top of a fully working Lighthouse, it’s nice to know that even in the GPS Satellite navigation world we live in there are still little gems like this working for that one time when everything else fails.


After having a snack (cup of tea & scones with jam & cream) I drove back out to the Great Ocean Road to continue on.

It was quite some time before I reached the 12 Apostles by which time the weather had got worse (as in really windy & showers).

After much dodging between blustery showers (of which there were many) & the hoards of Chinese coach tour parties (I think they were on a continuous loop or something) I got some shots of the 12 Apostles, though that being said the tide was coming in which really restricted how close I could get which was a little disappointing.


By this time time was pressing & I still had to refuel before reaching Port Fairy so I reluctantly left.

After refuelling & sticking some food in me (spotted there was a McDonald’s right next to the petrol station) I finally reached my YHA hostel in Port Fairy at 5.25pm. The room is “Cosy” and has all the mod-cons, also secure parking at the rear of the hostel just yards from my room which is good as there are no secure lockers here which surprised me.

I spent the night still suffering from the head-cold I’ve had since I got out here on the 1st of May which is not ideal. I spent today editing my photos from yesterday, writing & posting this blog entry and getting fresh supplies for the 2 whole days I have left in Port Fairy.

The plan for tomorrow is to walk down to the beach & look around the harbour, apparently there is a seal that comes right up to the edge & lots of working fishing boats.

We shall see.

Anyway heres all the photos I developed today, enjoy.


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