Apollo Bay

Well after taking it easy yesterday I decided to get out me walking legs & mosey on down to the beach.

By the time I reached the beach it was a little after 11am and I had caught the tide just right, it was out & had just turned.


Apollo Bay beach is where the film “Point Break” was to finish though whether they actually filmed the ending scene here is another matter.

There was a slight breeze with sunshine breaking through the light cloud on a regular basis, a very pleasant day.

I slowly walked along the beach getting ever closer to the small harbour at the western edge of town. Shoreham harbour is huge compared Apollo Bay’s, the biggest boat in the harbour was the sand dredger which was no bigger than a medium sized tug boat. There was of course fishing boats & charter boats you can go on to see Seals & go Shark fishing (one of which was for sale).


Having worked up a sweat walking both sides of the harbour I realised I had been walking for 3 hours and so thus retired for lunch at the harbour Co-Op fish & chip shop, unfortunately no shark & chips was on the menu 😦

After devouring the suitably named “Aussie Burger” I walked back to my lodgings (YHA Australia Hostel) to edit my photos.

Now for the drive down to Apollo Bay I used my Canon PowerShot G3X bridge camera which if you have read my Silverstone post you will know has a few problems. So with this in mind I also brought along my DSLR (Canon EOS 5DSR), my megapixel monster! I used my 5DSR today. Now there were some plus’s to this move, better image quality & far more detail but there was also a BIG minus. It took me over 4 hours to edit my photos from today, I thought my laptop was going to have a nervous break down! But I managed to process them all be it at a snails pace.

One thing I really noticed today is how empty the hostel I’m staying in is. Only on my first night here (Wednesday night) has there been more than me & one other guy in the dorm. And other thing, Apollo Bay is a big stopping point for coach tours, as I was walking back to the hostel I saw at least seven coaches, like locusts the occupants descended.

Anyhow below are the photos I developed today, enjoy.


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