Great Ocean Road Drive From Torquay to Apollo Bay

Well finally the driving has begun!

After arriving at my motel in Torquay on Sunday it took me a few days to reset my body clock to Ozzie time, fortunately by the Wednesday I had done it which is how long it took me last time.

To be honest I was a little nervous about the drive, until this trip I’d never driven an automatic car before but I soon got used to it.

I started off my long drive at 10am by stocking up on supplies at the local Woolworths supermarket (not to be confused with the now defunct British chain store), which included buying socks (the 1 thing I had forgotten to pack). The drive it self takes just under 2 hours but check-in time at the YHA Hostel in Apollo Bay wasn’t until 4pm so I had plenty of time to stop & take photos along the way (as I had planned all along).

So I visited a nice spot on the beach at the edge of Torquay to begin my photo road trip. There were a few people out on the beach & quite a few in the water surfing, the latter did surprise me as it was my understanding that the main surf season was over. I guess theres nothing like the Ozzie spirit where surfing is concerned.


After a while I drove off & on to the Great Ocean Road. I have to admit the road surface wasn’t what I expected, it’s much better than a lot of single carriage way roads back home, very few potholes of which none were deep.

After a while I stopped again this time before I reached Lorne & came upon this little gem of a beach.

Even though the tide was going out I still managed to get a foot wet (well partially anyway).

So after admiring the fantastic beach view & deciding that the road up to the lighthouse was far too rough to risk it with my hire car I moved on.

I continued my leisurely drive stopping every now & then to take more photos. One of the two features I really like about the Great Ocean Road is that there are countless spots where you can pullover & take photos, the other is how well sign posted everything is.

As I drew nearer to Apollo Bay the road began to get far more twisty & fun to drive, it reminds me of the road at the end of the “Italian Job” (the original not to be confused with the horrid remake).

By the time I had accounted for all the stops I made a 2 hour drive had turned into an almost 6 hour drive, arriving less than 10 minutes before check-in time. By this time I was a little worse for ware, I spent the night with a temperature & a pounding headache. By morning the headache & temperature had almost gone, all I have now is a bit of a dry mouth & the need for a shower.

Anyway below is a full gallery of all the photos I developed last night, enjoy.


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