I made it in one piece!

Both flights were on time, the first (Friday evening) one took a little over 6 hours which were the longest 6 hours of my life. I had the misfortune to have twin baby’s/toddlers in the seats in front of me, they proceeded to scream down the plane for at least 80% of the flight. So no sleep on the first flight, I very nearly dozed off in the airport while waiting for my connection to Melbourne.

I arrived in Melbourne just after 5.30am (Sunday), got my hire car at 6.am – Was meant to be a VW Golf but instead they gave me a Holden Astra. After taking a little time to familiarise myself with the car I slowly drove out of Melbourne to my motel in Torquay. The drive was ok, mostly highways so it only took just over an hour.

After checking in I was dead to the world for a whole 24hours, I finally managed to reset my body clock to Ozie time today (Tuesday), which is just as well as realized on Monday to my horror I had forgotten to pack ANY socks!

So today I ventured into Torquay for supplies (well socks, snacks & water), found where I’ll be going tomorrow to stock up on supplies for the drive to Apollo Bay (my next stop over).

The weather here is pretty much the same as the UK only a little warmer & no rain, being on the coast it is a little windy at times.

Sorry for there being no photos with this post, the WiFi where I’m staying isn’t very good so no photos for now. With any luck the WiFi at my next stop will be a lot better.


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