Camera Test 2

So I took my Canon PowerShot G3X to Silverstone Motor Racing Circuit over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

The camera performed quite poorly at times and to be honest it’s been a bit of a disappointment.

When in continuous focus mode the camera would lose focus & hunt for focus constantly, also focus tracking had similar problems. But by far the most frustrating problem was the camera crashing and displaying the message “Lens Error, Restart Camera”. This happened so many times on the first day (Friday) that I lost count after 20. I had to use the standard focus mode which vastly reduced the lens error did not cure it.

To conclude, the Canon PowerShot G3X is not a sports camera. This is a disapointment which means I will have to take my DSLR with me as well as the PowerShot G3X, the whole point of buying the G3X was so I didn’t have to use my DSLR.

Below are sample images I captured over the 3 days I was at Silverstone.


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